Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trendy Kendie Meets Kettler Cuisine!!

Kettler Kendie Katastrophe
A Birthday Jubilation Crash Course!!

I always love a reason for visiting Raleigh, and I am a sucker for enjoying a solid birthday weekend. Happy Birthday Jess Kettler!! Of course, I would never arrive empty-handed and settled for a couple new gifts that were unique, and would make all of the other ladies jealous...that's key! I settled for a homemade Vanilla Lavender Honeysuckle Perfume and homemade Cloth Napkins for the Mr and Mrs! They were both a hit, and I gotta' tell you how to make 'em!

Cloth Napkins

I don't like to use paper towel, because it's super wasteful. I love cloth napkins! Not only are they way cute and snuggly, they're super easy to make! Get out the ol' sewing machine and get crafty!

This tutorial will teach ya how to make a set of napkins (2). It is a great beginner sewing project, because you will learn how to pin, and it's a straight line stitch. The time will vary depending on your sewing abilities...1-3 hours?

This Sewing Adventure Requires:
  • A Threaded Sewing Machine.
  • Pattern or Good Eye.
  • Stick Pins
  • Scissors
  • 2 Napkin-sized pieces of Fabric.

Step 1: Cut Yo Fabric. 

I used my own cloth napkin as a pattern and used some pins to secure the fabric. Remember to give yourself an inch. You'll need it to create a nice finished edge on your masterpiece. Don't have a pattern? Measure out your dream napkins and simply cut your fabric. Don't forget, you'll need two!

My Muse...

Step 2: The Hardest Part, Pinning. 
  • Pick your favorite side!
  • Fold the napkin side about a half inch, fold over again, and try your best to hold it in place.
  • Secure the napkin seam by pinning the folded area. Place your pins in the same direction and pin every 3 inches. You will avoid any "pin finger disasters" by placing the the sharp end of your pins, in the opposite sewing direction of your fingernails! 
  • Pin all 4 of the napkin sides.

Step 3: Sew
  • Place your fabric in your machine and sew the folded fabric piece forming a nice and even seam. You will use the sewing machine foot as a guideline keeping your stitch even.
  • Remove your pins as you sew and VOILA!
  • Washing Machine Ready! Environment Safe!

The Aftermath...

Now, we gotta' use 'em!

Homemade Body Spray

That Smells Divine! What is it?!

Oh, you know, just a homemade Lavender Vanilla Honeysuckle Body Spray! BOOM!

What you will need...
  • A couple sprigs of Lavender (remove the stems).
  • 3-4 Honeysuckle Flowers
  • 1/2 shot of Vodka, Bourbon, or Gin. 
  • Distilled Water
  • Spray Bottle

I scooped up some wild Honeysuckle and Lavender while running and stored it in the ol' Camelbak. Look around your neighborhood and snag some fresh flowers for your next concoction. Vanilla Bean smells super yummy, and I suggest using almost one bean for your perfume spray. I purchased the Vanilla Bean at The Healthy Home Market. Mountain Rose Herbs is another great place to buy herbs and essential oils. 

How Do I Make It?!

I purchase my spray bottles from The Healthy Home Market or Mountain Rose Herbs. You will use alcohol to extract the aroma from your flowers. It will take about 2 weeks to extract the purdy smell needed for your perfume spray.

Step 1: Perfume Extract

Place the Honeysuckle, Vanilla Bean, and Lavender into your container and cover with your choice of alcohol for two weeks. I suggest Bourbon, Gin or Vodka.  In this particular spray, I used an airplane bottle of Seagram's Extra Dry Gin and made two sprays.

Step 2: The Final Touches

The perfume will gain more scent as it sits. After the two week period, fill your bottle to the top with distilled water and that's it! The spray will not stain any of your clothing, but will clean and deodorize anything it touches, because it is alcohol-based. If you would like a moisturizing spray, I suggest adding about 10 drops of Almond Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your spray.

Kettler Cuisine Time!

Every time I visit Jess, she spoils me! Man, her hubby's soooooooo lucky...adopt me please?! Not only is she one my fave cooks, she teaches me a lot about nutrition and inspired my blog. She is the genius behind Kettler Cuisine! A blog loaded with great ideas, recipes, substitutions, and I wanna eat right now! She's on a mission to eliminate gluten from her diet, forcing creativity, healthy and unique food combos. She looks great, feels great, and a person I want to know. ARGGGHH, why do you live so far away?!

Post-Race Bliss...Bummin' it With Cake!

Glass o' wine and a Gluten-free Cupcake...wait what?! Ew right?! Ew NO!! The little gem is topped with raspberries and drizzled in a chocolate sauce from Jessup Cellars! Wanna know how to make it?? My lips are sealed. You'll find everything you need at your new fave blog, Kettler Cuisine!


Mrs. Kettler Cuisine Makes Breakfast For Dinner...jealous?!

Yuuuuummmmm, breakfast for dinner super rocks! Hold on just a minute, what's all that green stuff?? I had no clue that microgreens are super awesome for us...thanks Jess!! Wanna know how these bad boys should be introduced into your kitchen and diet?? Check out Kettler Cuisine, and she'll let you know!

Cheers to another great visit with friends! Happy Birthday Jess!!


  1. Hello Kendal! Nice to meet you ... this is Desirée ... Jess' M-I-L!
    I agree, my son is a very lucky guy to be married to Jess and she is an amazing woman. They will do great things together. I'm so lucky to be able to sit back and watch as their life unfolds together.
    I'm glad she included your blog info in her post. I am helping her with sewing skills and I think she will have lots of fun as we progress through her lessons. I hope we get a chance to meet someday!

  2. TY so much for the comment, Desiree!!! I met you at their wedding, and you are an amazing woman too! I love Ryan and Jess, they are my 2 fave gentle giants HAHA! Last time, I visited, she said she was gonna bug you for some sewing lessons- YES!!! Next time, I visit, we should have a sewing party! CHEERS! :))))))))