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Sneeze Away Your Allergies...

It's Time For a Neti Pot!
I'm Tired of Saying God Bless You!

Mountain Rose Herbs White Ceramic Neti Pot $12.90 or Grab one
locally at The Healthy Home Market in the South End, Area in Charlotte, NC.
The Neti Pot is quite the little Hidden Gem...Don't Worry, It's Cheap!!

I have been allergy free for about 5 years now, and I owe my success simply to the Neti Pot. Even as a child, I suffered from the seasonal allergy symptoms...never-ending runny nose, itchy eyes, wheezy-tight-chest, sinus colds, chest colds, and the list goes on! My mom has severe asthma, and my allergies ranged from excessive pet dander, molds (Fall), and pollen (Spring/Summer) which caused a need for medications like Allegra and Claritin on a daily basis.

Clean Your Sinuses!
  • Allegra:
    • Cost: $28.99 for 45 Capsules (45 Day Supply) at Walgreens
    • Active Ingredients:
      • Fexofenadine HCL: 180 Mg/daily dose (24 Hrs) an anti-histamine with side effects ranging from headache, nausea, muscle pain, etc.
    • Inactive Ingredients:
      • Colloidal Silicone Dioxide: 
      • Croscarmellose Sodium: responsible for delivering the drug ingredients due to its absorbing and expanding properties which may also cause abdominal pain and intestinal blockage when expanding and absorbing liquids.
      • Hypromellose:
      • Iron Oxide Blends:
      • Magnesium Stearate: use as a lubricant for vitamin capsules.
      • Microcrystalline Cellulose: an Insoluble Fiber 
      • Polyethylene Glycol:
      • Providone: is a lighter form of iodine that is less toxic but more of a disinfectant. It kills bacteria. This could be a bad product killing healthy germs and cells in our bodies.
      • Pregelatinized Starch:  a starch derivative that absorbs water and allows for proper absorption.
      • Titanium Dioxide: used as a food-whitener, uv-ray blocker, and flavor-enhancer.
WOW!! That many crazy ingredients to cure allergies?? Doubtful! With that much garbage, you're bound to develop a whole new set of problems and allergies...
  • Claritin:
    • Cost: $29.99 for 45 Capsules (45 Day Supply) at Walgreens
    • Active Ingredients:
      • Loratadine: 10 Mg/daily dose (24 Hrs). 
      • Read this Article about the Dangers of Loratadine that range from: headaches, insomnia, sinus infections, conjunctivitis, decrease in libido, dizziness, tremors, etc.
    • Inactive Ingredients:
      • Corn Starch
      • Lactose Monohydrate is a sugar found in milk which may pose a problem if, you are Lactose Intolerant. This food additive is also known to cause bloating as a side-effect.
      • Magnesium Stearate: used as a lubricant for vitamin capsules.
Taking a pill every day for the rest of my life was not an option for me. So, I began reading and researching to determine an alternative way to treat my allergies. A lot of medicines are created and derived from natural ingredients and based on their characteristics and properties. Why take the synthetic-chemically version, when, I can go directly to the source??

Keeping that in mind, I stumbled across an old practice that I could easily incorporate with my daily morning routine. If a practice has worked for 1000's of years, is free, healthy, relaxing, I will consider the results; even if, a recent study tells me otherwise. The way I see it, a handful of studies sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Companies vs. Ancient Alternative Medicine Practice...I'll take the latter every time!!

I purchased a Neti Pot from Mountain Rose Herbs (you can find them at The Healthy Home Market as well) in order to try this cleansing method, and it is safe to say that this product and practice has changed my life and completely cured my allergies. I can't believe it, and I never thought that I would be one of those people attending Yoga sessions breathing out of my nose-wooohooo!! I find the Neti Pot practice very relaxing, super effective, AHHH-MAZING, and the best cure possible. I very rarely suffer from any allergy symptoms or problems and haven't taken any pharmaceutical drugs in years. I run outdoors, hike, camp, garden, etc. and enjoy kicking allergies in the face!

Try the Neti Pot out for yourself. Make sure that you follow the proper procedure provided below. Read the various tips to increase your Neti Pot success and perform the proper etiquette. You will need 1-2 Weeks for your sinuses to open up, begin clearing, proper streams to flow, and to learn the proper technique. Don't give up...keep trying this method out, and it will be impossible to go back to the "pill-a-day" garbage idea!

The Neti Pot Technique:
  1. Distilled or Boiled Water: You must boil your tap water or use distilled water. NOTE: If, you do not follow this step, you will risk the potential harm from bacteria reaching your brain and sinus cavities (the same risk is presented when, you dive into a lake and water goes up your nose...don't panic)! I use Distilled Water from my distiller to avoid heavy metals, chemicals, Sodium Fluoride and various other harmful toxins! Check out my brand new blog that talks about the dangers of Sodium Fluoride in our drinking water and the health benefits of distilled water, HERE!
  2. Salt: I use Sea Salt, add a pinch to your water as a minor abrasive necessary to clean all the icky-junk from our noses (roughly an 1/8th of a tsp). If you find your sinuses are a little dry, use less salt.
  3. Luke-warm water: When your water is warm, fill your Neti Pot is time!
  4. Steps:
    • Tip your Head slightly to the right: we will begin by cleaning out the right, the water spout will begin in your left nostril. Don't strain your neck or tip it too much, because the water will tip into your ear, and it's annoying. If you start to feel too much pressure near your ears, slightly straighten your head and mildly-reduce water flow.
    • Breathing: you will breathe constantly out of your mouth...just breathe slowly, steadily, and lightly while you are using your Neti Pot. 
    • Suction: Do NOT create a suction by closing your mouth at any time during the Neti Pot process. Keep your mouth comfortably open and breathe lightly.
    • Pour the Water: you do NOT need to pour the water, the Neti Pot is made to automatically pour water when sitting flat. Hold your pot straight, tip slightly, place lightly in your left nostril and with your slightly tipped-head, the water will begin pouring out the right-side of your nostril. NOTE: keep in mind, if you have clogged sinuses, it will take a couple of weeks to clear a path and create a smooth water stream.
    • Stay still and lightly blow your nose after your pot has emptied.
    • Repeat on the other side.
    • I use my Neti Pot 4-6 times/week
Here are a couple of Youtube Videos Showing you the Proper Technique

  • Multi-task while making your morning coffee: I boil my Neti Pot water when, I am making my morning coffee. I use distilled water now, and I don't need to boil to kill bacteria anymore, I just warm the water. If you are using tap water, you MUST wait until the water has had plenty of time to boil. As soon as I am ready for my first cup of coffee, the water has come to a boil, and I am ready to remove and let it cool (15-30 Mins depending on the pot size). 
  • The stream may not flow perfectly in the beginning. As your sinuses begin to heal and clear away gunk and build-up. Your Neti Pot experience will be quick (3-5 minutes), relaxing, and make you feel great.
  • Water in your Ear: Practice makes perfect...if you tip your head over too much in the beginning, swab a q-tip with Apple Cider Vinegar, lightly swab the inside of your ear, and it will sizzle up the extra water and reduce any inflammation and irritation. Don't have Apple Cider Vinegar around? You can do a Hydrogen Peroxide swab too.
  • Relax your shoulders, breathing, and posture. 
On Another Note...
  • Hives and Bug Bites: apply Apple Cider Vinegar on a damp cotton-ball to remove the allergic reaction and itch while restoring the PH Balance to your skin. *the smell will decrease as it dries.
  • Shortness of Breath and Tightness of Chest: consume a swig (half of a shot glass) of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with 2-4 ounces of water (to prevent tooth-enamel wear) which will instantly break-up mucus, remove inflammation and instantly restore common breathing patterns. Smelling the ACV with break-up your stuffy sinuses as well.
Happy Neti-Pot, Happy Nose!

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